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It's probably about how her belt is suffocating her
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  1. icezin0:44
  2. Dclo0:51
  3. popoko0:51
  4. ammy1:10
  5. PamL1:17
  6. lelabugosi1:18
  7. Garylancs1:19
  8. clairen1:25
  9. amanaplan1:26
  10. skaha551:29


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They didn't know what Princess Moon Maiden was doing there, but they were hoping to call Flash Gordon to save the day.


@doubledog Good observation! And yes, she's hideously fat. *shudder*

@lelabugosi Indeed! Ha! Ho! Ha!


They're wondering if the carpet matches the drapes.

From the head shots on the wall, this is a modeling agency, so they're probably talking about how she's ballooned up to a size 2.


They are contemplating turning her into a mermaid .............

Ha! Ho! Ha!

They were buzzing about Grizelda's wasp-waist!

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