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Flowers for today :-)

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Liljekonvaller :-)))))
Lilly of the valey?
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  1. alias2v0:52
  2. chuckles19530:54
  3. ullauhrskov0:54
  4. Kristinka0:54
  5. Eden0:56
  6. Sissel0:59
  7. Pekaji1:03
  8. Ianto1:07
  9. Raaike1:08
  10. Berroye1:09


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It will come one day Girlina :-)))) Thanks so much

Mmmmm!!! Now we just need a lilac bouquet, too!


:-))) Thanks Alias

It sure is Val. Thank you so much and hugs :-))))


Wow the scent must be amazing thank you Sissel Hugs ♥♥



I woud love a small one Jandchris :-)))

Thanks PW :-)))

The smell is wonderfull Sylvia :-)))

That is a good name Raaike :-)))

Hugs Jackie and thank you :-)))

Thank you, Have a very nice day Sieeel. Hugs !!!!


Here they are also called meiklokjes (May bells). :-))) ♥


Beautiful and I can even smell them, lol! We had them in our garden but that's long ago.


Beautiful Lily of the Valley, Sissel.


Oh, I see. Gardens are nice, but they can be such hard work. :-))


No unfortunatly not :-))) In Denmark they will come around May - but I don't have a garden anymore


Are they from your garden Sissel?


Thanks Jandchris. Just was not sure of the english name. They really smells good and looks good :-))))


Yes, it looks like Lily of the Valley - beautiful flowers with gorgeous perfume. Thanks for posting. :-))

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