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Found this bee? in my garden. Anyone know what kind it is? I'm on Vancouver Is. Canada.
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I'm going to guess it's a fly too. Not sure why—something about its wings, the eyes and the general shape of it. But it's sure pretty! Thanks, Rose!


It's a fly, not a bee - it has typical fly antennae. The wings are crumpled which most likely means that it's just recently emerged (from the pupa) - they would expand slowly later.


I'll have to look more carefully when my cat and I go for our next walk. We're on the southern tip of the island (Langford) and I've seen some unusual bees lately, too.


Maybe a carpenter bee, but the carpenters that I have around my house are black with yellow stripes--just like bumble bees. And no, they are not bumbles because they drill holes in the rafters of my back porch and lay their eggs.

Maybe a carpenter bee?

Yes I have seen this same kind of bee here where I live and didn't know what kind it is, I have also seen another kind of bird that I have never seen before.

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