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Dog Shaming 3

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I totally agree with Granny and JoJosmom. And look at those sweet faces! I wouldn't trade my fur-babies for any "things". And I am sure you really feel the same, they sure do look like they are well-loved and cared for!


There are solutions which are kind, like training, a job to do and making sure they get attention. I had one that liked to eat couch cushions but we worked with him and he stopped. Also a slip cover helped him not pull up the cushions and eat them.


Well...I see three of the nicest things anyone could ask for sitting right on that sofa!

"...but, wee rilly don' kno whut "nize tinks" are." Iz ut like warm hands, hearts and beds?

Me, too Granny.


I'M with you Granny. The most important thing in my home has 4 legs and a big heart.


The reason why mine are outdoor only dogs. Even though the cats make their fair share of mess.


Yeah, but how often do you have a couch show bounding joy at your homecoming.......?


That's why i don't have any more.......

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