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The Trashman Cometh

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Sorry for the lack of contrast.
Can you guess which day wound up being our pickup day?
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  1. Emmergee6:09
  2. Surreal_Heidi6:33
  3. brenda48:20
  4. bluebird428:35
  5. suecee8:45
  6. Heindal8:59
  7. Nadine10189:05
  8. Bellantara9:15
  9. ElsieK11:52
  10. cheri116:37


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Monday???? And they expected you to know when to put out the trash???


That's great, because I hate a build up of trash. Wonderful news after that weird letter!


Monday morning is the pickup day. This was 4 years ago -- and they've been most reliable since then. Even on "Monday holidays" (Memorial Day, Labor Day, MLK birthday, Veterans' Day...) they're there.


Sounds like garage time-travel trucks are required. Makes you wonder . I think of the question, "What do you call the person who graduated at the bottom of his class in med school/" The answer is "Doctor." I wonder about oh so many of the people in trusted positions. Yikes. Thanks for the fun, Emmergee.


Maybe they mean they will pick it up THE FOLLOWING WEEK on Monday morning? Your trash would be rather........smelly by then, I am afraid! Funny!


Tuesday? So you could be sure to get it out late....

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