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Petey and Pal have a lazy day

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Pal thought it was too hot to snuggle up as he usually does but he still wanted to stay in touch. Petey wanted his own space.
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It sounds like you have worked it out to the benefit of all. I keep telling myself I’m waiting for us to be settled in before I try to change his life again. So many people tell me to get a kitten for Pal but I’m not going in that direction. He still likes to play but I think he would be more comfortable with an adult cat. Kittens are A LOT!

Thanks for asking about my boys. We have certainly been having a lot of turmoil but looking forward to better days. I hope all is well with you.


Sorry to learn that Petey is gone. I can understand that Pal missed him and you still do. Yes, moving to a new home can be stressful for everybody, including our cats.

I bet you can get some good suggestions for how to introduce a new cat to Pal so they might become friends. We've gone through it many times, never the same, but it always worked out eventually.

My most vivid memory: River, our senior cat, was really moping after being left alone when our other very senior cats died. We brought home Ebony, a shy, formerly feral cat that needed to have a companion. River shrieked at him for a few weeks. She sometimes chased him, but he was fast and agile and could easily get away from her. Then, quite suddenly, we discovered them cuddled together in a box on my computer desk. From then on, that was their favourite place. Later River died and Ebony moped. So we looked for a companion for him.


@beyondwords , Petey is gone now and we miss him a lot. Pal kept looking for him and it was heartbreaking. We have moved to a new home so Pal had a lot of stress with the move, poor little guy. I have considered getting a friend for him but don’t want to cause more stress.


Are Petey and Pal still with you? Any updates?

The world's best lap anchor ... a cat! ☺♥☺♥

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