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I really like his work, too, and have several more paintings in my file, but now I'll have to go back over my puzzles to see if I've deleted the ones I've already posted, which i usually do, but then I'll get a request for a larger or smaller puzzle of the same image, so I tend to wait on deleting the image for a bit.


I remember, but that may have been the first time you introduced Averin to me and I like his work.


Still delightful...second time around...I goofed on this if you noticed dj and Ken's comments...heh heh


Delightful. Kids and water - irresistible.


As soon as I saw your avatar, I thought 'Yep, Ken commented on this one before.' The stupid thing is I should just follow my natural instincts that if I 'feel' I've posted it before, then in all likelihood, I have under one or the other avatar. However, looks like a few puzzlers still enjoyed this second


You're losing it lady. Ha Ha! It's not like I haven't done that. I even commented before that this was a picture I looked to send you for one of the collaborations.


You know, I thought I did, but I couldn't find it, so what the heck! Sometimes trying to keep the postings between the two avatars is a challenge because now I have so many pages to go through to check for previous puzzles, and of course, with this site you can't just skip to a certain page, if you know it wasn't posted in the last week or so.


You have already posted this before!!! :-))