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For Sale - any takers!

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The Most Expensive House For Sale on Lake Geneva selling for $12,200,000.
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I really think it's too much house for me to handle Brie! :)


Money may not buy you happiness but it makes your misery easier to bear...
I like my house (but I wouldn't say no to this if someone offered it to me as an exchange LOL!)


Yay!!! Party at Gracie's !!!!
: ))))))


Come on gang.....thanks to Gracie, we've got a place to party!!!!


Lots of dough Gracie! wow house!


Any time Lyndee!


If you can aford over 12 million for a home Janet, you can also hire people to clean it. :)
Sold to Gracie for $12,200.00! When do you want us all over there Gracie???


Wow!! only $12,200.000? it is mine!


Fabulous house, thanks Lyndee, but I always think who will clean all that area! Hugs.


Honestly, big homes are beautiful and I can only imagine how nice it is inside, but I really like cozy and I have that already! :) However, it would be nice to look out my window and see a beautiful lake.....and I don't mean my road ditch that sometimes get flooded!!!!! LOL


I need to have more $$ to hire all the staff to take care of this beauty! Thanks Lyndee. ♥


I was very interested yesterday but today the thumbs are down :( I don't like it Lyndee, look for something else for me, please....


Nah. I'd need a GPS to get around without getting lost!


Really? Well they can ask what they want. ☺☺

Just a bit out of range for most of us. LOL


Mere pocket change, some folks!! ;-)


I was all set to get out my checkbook until I got to all those numbers up there. I guess where I am is just fine, thanks. ;-)

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