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Mid section of my back garden. (22 September 2020)

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In the sun!
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Thank you Faye! Much appreciated. :D ♥♥♥ Periodic acupuncture has helped; I'll ask about the glucosamine.


Nancy...I'm glad to hear Wimsey is doing better...and hope to hear that the test results on Monday are normal. I know people...and dogs...sometimes use glucosamine for painful arthritis...but do cats? Hugs for you and cuddles for Wimsey ❤️❤️❤️




♥♥♥ Thank you!
Yes, he used it coming down, but I think he was surprised it was there. Will see if he does it again. ♥


Glad you enjoyed my cuddles, sweet Wimsey boy ♥♥♥

Oh Nancy, I can so relate to how worried you must be right now. I remember holding my breath when Goofie went to his litter tray and pushed and pushed ...and then the great relieve I felt when he produced even the smallest dung(?)...

I'm glad Wimsey seems to rebound from going to the vet pretty well. It's very stressfull for both you and him. I really hope the result of his x-ray is better and his kidney numbers are stable!

I'm also curious whether he has used his "aid" to come down from the sofa bed!

Wishing you the all the best!!


Awww, thank you for the virtual cuddles, Mrs. Impie! Always a treat. I was at the vet almost all day on Wednesday. As soon as we got home, I wolfed down lots of my special food and then let mum know I was ready for cuddles....and I'm ready for more. Heehee ♥♥♥

Wimsey seemed to rebound from "going to the vet" pretty well; delighted he ate so much right away and did his business. ;-))

We're going back on Monday....fresh chest x-ray and blood draw to see where his kidney numbers are.

He's doing lots of resting....sleeping comfortably in his snuggle bed next to me right now. We're doing what we need to and focusing on the positives....what he can and wants to do....even when some of that creates extra laundry for mum.....which I don't mind if the meds help him get rid of the fluids... he's always had the best litter box manners, but sometimes.... LOL

Just created a "step" to the sofa bed. It's not that high and he has no trouble getting up, but given the arthritis in his back/hips, thought maybe it would help on the way down. We'll see if he uses it. :D ♥


Aww, poor baby....good to hear he's peeing and pooping and got his appetite back. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both. I hope he won't get too stressed whilst going to the vet so often.
I've never doubted for a minute he's getting lots of love from you...tell him I virtually cuddle him♥♥♥
Please keep us updated on him. Hang in there! ♥


Hope so too. He's always been strong, so we'll see. Draining removed a good bit Wed, low dose diuretic since...diuretics tricky with aging kidneys. Heart med too. Back to vet today or Monday to take another chest x-ray and see how things look now. Seems more comfortable....last night sure was better than the night before. Good appetite, grooms, pees/poos, arthritis affecting mobility but otherwise gets around, wants cuddle time....all good signs. He's getting lots of lovin' :-)) ♥♥♥


@calluna - hi, Nancy, you got me mention some challenges at the moment....I hope Wimsey will be OK!♡♡


So glad it is nice for you, too, Faye! We seem to be in a good weather pattern for keeping the air clean and everything well watered. Focused on Wimsey...we have some challenges at the moment. Saw on another jig you're heading out shortly. Safe travels! :-)

gemstone was so good to breathe clean air again! We're at my sister's now as they are actually in isolation all year...only driving 40 minutes into town to shop or two hours for specialist appointments. It is quite windy today with whitecaps on the lake and waves rolling into shore...we're hoping that the wind blows the smoke away and the rain settles the particles. Hope your area stays clear. We watch CNN and are still upset at your fires and Covid numbers...and not to offend but please don't believe The Delirious D...the majority of Canadians don't want the borders open until this virus is under control. Please stay safe and stay healthy. ❤️❤️❤️


They sure were, Nan. Today we had a more grey-ish day and since 5PM we have rain (after 3 weeks having none of the wet stuff!) :)

Fingers crossed, Faye, if all goes well it should be more colourful in due time. These are so called Winter Pansies! ;)))

Thanks, Ella. Yes, you're right, that is my daylily "Happy Returns" in the back next to the fence doing well. Bottom left is my white Aster which is full with buds of which some were opening up today! :)

Thank you, lurdo. Liertje made the wheel barrow 4 years ago this month and it's still in good shape! :)


Yup, that wheelbarrow is still a favorite. I'll join Faye's pansy chorus...grow, grow, grow and then keeping blooming! LOL Those colors will be terrific as we head into Autumn. :-DD

Faye, did you join in the rain happy dance? Can't remember being this excited to have rain. Amazing to see blue skies.....and white clouds again! Love how the rain has really cleaned things up. :-))

i like your wheel barrow lt is beautiful,


Everything's looking good! Is that "Happy Returns" I see back by the fence?


Grow faster, Pansies! Fall is coming and we'll need your colour! ;)))


cheerful in the sunbeams!

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