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56 pieces
27 solves
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  1. Ianto4:17
  2. dutch715:04
  3. jimez5:30
  4. qpr5:45
  5. mojasasenka6:03
  6. Mngal36:07
  7. Buttonsss7:32
  8. PuzzlFool7:50
  9. shan40677:55
  10. LionelV8:03


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But will it happen after 23.23.23 2323?

Well, ya know, what if there were folks out there that lost their sense of just when it was, and started all over again? How would we know?

How about that...


And in 101 years (more or less) it will be 21:21:21 2121.



I thought about that, Bob, but I was too tired to check on it. I went and took a nap immediately after I made that comment. (Feel much better now!)

and again in 2121, but I won't be here to witness that one.


With 2020 being a leap year, it will occur another 365 times..

You're right Pat, it's gonna happen again tomorrow.


Pat, that's what I thought. But it had me for a minute :-)


Except for the other 364 times it has happened/will happen in 2020.




It certainly won't happen in 2021.


For the rest of the year anyway.

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