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Metamorphosis .....

36 pieces
119 solves
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That's a pretty good morph rate, Pumpkin... You beat me my :04, one wing got stuck on the cocoon edge... As for a kids science lesson... Poor things are confused enough these days... Don't want to add butterflies turning into kaleidoscopes.... :) :)


Oh dear!! You may run out of IP allotment pretty soon, with three on one IP.... Be careful.... Jigidi wars are not a pretty sight.... LOL... There are so many lovely puzzles now, it really is hard to keep up... I pretty much limit myself to 49 pieces and under... Even with that I don't seem to be able to solve all I want to, as creating is really my favorite part.... I guess we could be bored instead... Like that's ever going to happen.... Enjoy your day, Michelle... Good to know there are more members of the coveted IP address gang.... :) :)


Took me 2:44 to morph. A great puzzle....could be a fine science lesson for kids.


LOL, Sally...we're starting to have the same problem here. Bexter is now posting (my fault, I encouraged it!) and we didn't realize that the limit was on the IP addy until we ran into the problem and she emailed Charlotte and the guys. Now that I've convinced my husband to get an identity (TempestV), who knows if he'll want to post something too, and then where will we be, I ask you?

I used to love the bigger puzzles but have found out how difficult it is to manage the time to create, the time to respond to comments on your own puzzles and the time to go solving and commenting on others. Consequently, I jump in to try to solve the smaller ones and bookmark the bigger...fully intending to get back to them. *sigh* I just did a big purge. Oh well, I am meeting so many wonderful people here that it's well worth it! ;-D


Thank you, Michelle... And thank you for the delightful Valentine.... We get constrained by the Jigidi time schedule frequently.... Two on one IP address only allows for four puzzles a day each.... Lately it's been OK... Since we've been really busy.... But sometimes we go short on the variety of sizes.... No biggie.... Thanks again, Michelle... It was a lovely Valentine.... :) :)


This is really fun, Sally... I would gladly meet more phosis anytime!

Making the rounds to my friends to give them a Valentine. (Jigidi won't let me post yet...)


Thank you, Rosie.... :) :)
PG, some people have all the fun.... :) :)
Thanks, Snooker.... Enjoying your cruise shots... Those ships are huge... gigantic... They dwarf their surroundings... Honduras looks to be very tropical and lush.... Couldn't make the board on any of them... Everyone's just getting too fast... Thanks for the vicarious cruise... :) :)

The green and pink go very well together, Sally. Lovely.


Oddio I met a morphosis once in a dark alley in Hong Kong and I was very happy not to have to see a specialist if you get my morph.


Very beautiful metamorphosis, Sally. Well done!


Major Grrrrrooooooaaaann, your Oddness !!!!! If that groan was in the army it'd be a General..... Can I have his or her autograph, please? :) :)


Thanks, Shirley.... Glad you enjoyed and surprise I even used green.... Might have a purple one waiting in the wings.... (No pun intended)....


"How do you do, Morphosis!"

Now I can say I have.


Love your Metamorphosis of this Butterfly, Sally, all four are very pretty, very clever girl, Thanks Sally :):)