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Yes or No?

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Being as this pup is just 85 miles north of me, should I go and see if she wants to stay with me, or not.
Keep in mind Rem and Karma would have the deciding vote.


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I do wish after meeting her that I could have brought her home. I think Her and Rem would have become great friends. She was so full of life, and love, and is well trained. She may have helped Rem learn some things. Never got to see if she wanted to be a ride along puppy though.


John, you did a great thing checking on this little girl. Glad you know her true situation now. You have a big heart. Thank you. Wanda


After a trip over there, it turns out the puppy has a home. She is chipped, and all her shoots are up to date. Why the kid said she didn't have is beyond me. It may be he just wanted to be sure it was posted on The Dodo. It was fun though, and her, Rem, and Karma did get along. Though that took a little time. I talked to the lady that has her, and gave a bit of my thoughts on the puppy runny loss, and on that road. I will keep looking into this, to see what I can do. She is a great little dog, and loving. Like told the lady that is her rightful owner, Sally needs and deserves better.

john ,if your heart tells you do it and Rem and karma gets along with the dog, and you have the money too take care of another dog, by all means do it. hugs !!! keep us up dated


I think she likes her life and wouldn't want to leave. You might get her spayed, tho. What happens to the puppies?


Please go get her, Rainrider. Thank you. Wanda

Yes, a definite yes. So well behaved - Diz


@Max_Tooney She does look a lot Rem for sure. Though she may a bit barker, unless it is just the lighting.


Seems to be asking politely - a good sign.


Pretty dog...I encourage you to go get it!