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Jondal, Norway!

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Of course we had to take a photo of Jondal and the landscape behind. It's incredible to believe that behind the mountain rising to the right is - far away and on the 40th floor - the glacier and the terrible road up there. We came down through the valley going in between the mountains in the left side of the photo, and when we looked back, the sun shone on the glacier and made it shine wonderfully!! We didn't feel like going back!!


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Yes, somehow it is a postcard!! It looked like a postcard from the water too!! Thanks so very much Jo!!


No, Ardy, it's just so small as you see!! There are so many small villages like this on the edges of all the "fjords" which are part of Norway and makes it difficult to come around sometimes. Most of them produce something, which is shipped to the big town Bergen "just around a couple of corners"! In these mild valleys close to the big ocean they grow fruit, lots and lots of apples, pears, cherries, plums and export to other places in Norway. Thanks so very much!!

Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Beautiful Hanne!


Picture postcard beautiful scene!! Thankyou both!! :) :)


That was such a scary experience I don't wonder that you didn't feel like going back. Lovely looking little settlement - or is it bigger than what shows here? Thanks for sharing, Hanne.