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Flower Parade.

15 pieces
98 solves
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You're so right, I think it's a ice cream cone, so this one must be favorite for me, I'm fond of ice cream. :-)) Thanks Pat and Monica.


Your right snooker, it does look like an ice cream cone spouting greenery! It's quite beautiful, I just love butterflies! Good pic Ank, this is very pretty! They sure have a lot of fun floats in this parade!

Looks like an ice cream cone (waffle cone) on the right with greenery coming out of it.


Hi friend, hug


A wonderful float!! Thank you Ank.


So, it was a great day, I'm glad for you. I hope the snow will melt this night and that everything is gone tomorrow morning. Have a nice evening my friend.


Thank Ank, the day was great, it was snowing, the sun was shining, it was snowing and the sun was shining, came two visits and not the time for puzzle and even on snow removal, I quite enjoyed it, walk with the dogs and no shovel :-))))


Thanks Hanne, it's lovely indeed. Lorna, I was wrong, I did not read well, I just did not think at the collage, but now we both solved them both. and it was nice to do.


Ohhh it's gorgeous, Ank!! Thanks so very much!!


Thank you Ank - sorry, I was getting confused, and I did mean the collage, but the rooster will be good too!


Lorna, Or did you mean the collage:
77 pieces:


Hi dear, I'm glad you do.


Cute cute cute... Love the flower parade...


Hi Lorna Denise and Ardy, good morning/afternoon. I'm glad you like it. I agree, the second title could be smiling butterfly.
Elly and I have fun and we make nice walks.
Lorna I think you want the Portuguese Rooster, here is the link for 80 pices:


Lovely butterfly, Ark. Thanks. Hope you and Elly are having a nice time together.


This is a beauty Ank. I love the head seems to be smiling. Thanks so much and have a great day:-)hugs


Good morning Ank. This is a spectacular butterfly, and I love its little face! I meant to ask if you could possibly make yesterdays flower parade collage into a larger puzzle please? It was so beautiful, and I think it would be great in a larger size.


Good morning dear Jana, I'm so glad the snow stopped.I hope it will be a lovely day.


Morning my dear Ank, such a large butterfly, it's beautiful, thank you so much, enjoy a beautiful day with Micky :-)))))
Stop falling snow :-))