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Bull elk , Wyoming

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232 solves
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Thank you so much and gailvold thank U for the input and as long as I am making puzzles there will always be some native puzzles and Quanah Parker is going to be one of them.


beautiful gnt!


My husband told me about your site & made you a favorite for me. I have done all of them through the present page 7. I love American Indain pictures. My favorite book is RIDE THE WIND by Lucia St. Clair Robson. She's an awesome writer & you would love her books. Ride the Wind is a true story about an 11 year old girl captured by the Comanche. She eventually marries the brave who captures her & thyeir son is one of the last Indians to attend the peace talks. His name was Quanah Parker. Keep these awesome pictures coming. Blessings.


thank U for the comment

Thank you for this perfect picture!