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Very OLD Necco Wafers*

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*Not suitable for eating, but I think the pieces themselves are awesome looking (after clicking on Solve).


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Willy, I have a huge smile on my face and you know why. ;-)

Pat, the licorice flavored ones are my 3rd favorite, chocolate and lemon being my favorite. And I forget which one I don't like at all. It might be the white ones, but I can't be sure. I like this puzzle more as well although these Necco Wafers taste like cyber-jigsaw-cardboard.


I remember Necco Wafers--I liked the licorice and the chocolate the best, I think--but I like this puzzle even more! :-)))


This one is so speciale!!!!
Today you are Wendy the greate artspecialist,


Mandy, I just did a google search and it would appear that the Necco company sells other candies in the UK but not Necco wafers. This is very sad news. LOL

Edie, you have a very fine time on this. Did you rush through because the pieces made you sick to your stomach? ;-)

whatnauts, I'm glad you didn't. I nibbled on a few and now I'm sick.


Thanks for the warning. It would have been very tempting to nibble on these :)))))


Just looking at them was enough to speed me up. Thanks Wendy.


These are very very cool Wendy - although I have never heard of Necco!!


Edie, there are a number of brands that make candy hearts, but the Necco company does too. So you may have eaten them without realizing it. I find that some brands are much better than others when it comes to candy hearts. I'm not a fan of candy hearts though. LOL


Never heard of them but they look like the stuff candy valentine hearts are made from. Do they taste the same?


Magda, I will always love mixed nuts, but I think you're talking about something along the lines of Chex Mix. I haven't eaten it for years but I do remember liking all the different flavors.

There are different kinds of Dollar Stores in the US. The kind I like are the ones where everything is a dollar. Other Dollar Stores have prices generally ranging from $1 to $10. I've checked them out too, and unlike the dollar Dollar Stores, they can actually cost more than in a regular store for a lot of items.


Thanks Wendy. I used to go for the nuts, mixed with so many things. Yo had to taste each item, and then go on---no wonder I put up weight. Yes I also found lots of items cheaper, even Tomatoesauce was 20 cts cheaper then in the store next door.


Here's a cool photo of them-


LOL, Mariasha. I thought everyone framed their old candy. Don't people frame the first dollar they made too?

Magda, the Dollar store in our town is pretty fabulous. I get Puzzle Books there that cost $4 and $5 in a regular store...and that's even currently sold puzzle books. They sell a lot of stuff that's 'current' merchandise that is up to 80% less. Necco wafers aren't the best tasting candy but they're fun because of all the different flavors.
Oh, reading the list of flavors, I remember really liking lemon too.


I do not know Necco wafers. But I do remember the Dollar store in Scarborough Town center, all the goodies! Talking of 1 Dollar; we mostly came out with a bill more near 50 $

Do you always frame your old candy? Of course you do, who doesn't...8~}


Barb, I used to love the brown ones (chocolate flavored). We have a Dollar Store in town and they have them there. I'll bet you can find them in Canada if you do a search. ;-)
That's too bad about the store closing down.


Wendy, I love necco wafers but they are so hard to find here. Found one shop last year that had them, then the shop closed. Lovely puzzle and cute frame. :-)