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Easter Orbs

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148 solves
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Lol! My new name cracks me up, L! No egg hiding for me! The gbabies will be in Atlanta with their other grandparents. We will drive to Jekyll on Sunday. Jim will stay for 4 days then go home and return to pick me up around the 20th........ 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! My neighbor said my wisteria will probably be in full bloom. That big purple torch will definitely be a puzzle!! I'm glad you liked the Easter Orbs, dear oneM


Oribilicious, Orbi-Wan-Kenorbi... You're the bestest... Thanks mucho.... (2:47) Almost made the board, being a day late didn't help any.... Enjoy your Easter, Good Buddy... Hugs a plenty... Hide those eggs well.... A few photos of the gleeful smiles of your precious gbabies would be good.... :) :)


Shirley, you missed the board and I missed you! I hope your fishing trip went well! I'm glad you had a lot of joy, solving this puzzle.,That's a very nice thingmto say! Welcome home, my friend!


Lol, Edie. Now that is an interesting thought! You are very,welcome. I'm glad you had fun with the solve!


Kirsten, it makes me very happy that you like them! It is my pleasure, friend!


A joy to look at and a joy to solve, although I missed the board, I did enjoy it, Thank you Jill for a lovely puzzle, Hope you have a Very Happy Easter. (2:50)


Your orbs must be filled with helium the way they are floating along. Thanks Jill, I really enjoyed solving this one.


Oh, you make such luvverley orbs, Jill! Thanks very much. :)))


I love your read on some of these puzzles, Jo,,and this is no exception! It is my pleasure, my friend!


Lol, pinknblack. I think they'd glow too much to be hidden!


Mommy and Daddy orbs, (in the background), taking the "kids" for an outing after Easter services!
Very colorfully dressed for the occasion!! Thankyou for the fun Jill! :)


Happy Easter Orbs, glad you din't hide them to hard to find!