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....... And so I must swim

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The boat was close to a beach in undeep water. When Micky had to go out I walked through the water and Micky did swim. Often not all the way, it was too far, Then I had to carry a very wet dog. I don't mind. She loved to be there.


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Thanks girls, yep Laura my lovely little girl.


Oops...Mickey is a girl. Sorry.


This is a fun one! Thanks, Ank!


How sweet. Very nice, Ank!!


Two swimmers on their way to the boat. What a fine picture!


Oh yes she does Laura, but she likes to go in were she can walk in. She don't want to jump. She did when she was young but the last years not anymore.


Little Mickey looks like he loves the water!


Thanks Mimi, you are so sweet, and special for me.


Great picture of two very special friends!


Thanks Patty and Hanne. Sissy you said yesterday, Micky you have to swim, that's why I posted this one. Hanne that's true, and it's dry soon enough when it's warm.


Nothing like a nicely wet dog close to your warm body!!!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Love it thanks Sis... Hugs


Thanks Ardy, indeed I'm very happy with her. And I'm glad I have lots of photos. I just have to choose, what will I take.


How wonderful to have all these great pictures. Thanks for sharing. You and Micky are lucky to have each other.


Hi Michelle I'm just solving this puzzle myself and I realize that this photo is made with telephoto lens, so it looks like we are very close to the beach. But I see the water is almost to my knees. And also the beach seems very narrow. This means that it's a very distorted picture. I think the beach (sand) is about 85 feet. So we are not close to the beach. I will hug her.


What a great memories that you share with us, Ank. I can see little Micky in the water just as you much fun for her at the beach! *hugs* and cuddles and belly rubs (and a little chicken breast, perhaps?)


Joepie, no I did not realize, just this morning someone told me I was almost a year at Jigidi, also that I did not realize. Well it was a great year. And I'm glad I found Jigidi. Lorna you are so right they are like childs. Maybe sometimes better, a dog will never disappoint you. Thanks friends.


Aw micky was so tiny then . Lovely picture Ank thanks


Your reply to Shirley's comment Ank, reminded me of something my Mum once said. (It was Mum who first suggested I adopt rescued greyhounds). I had commented how lucky I was to have Holly - my first one - and Mum replied that Holly was lucky to have me. I think the same applies to you and Micky! The bond between a much loved pet and its owner is such a special one.

And having seen chookies comment, congratulations on your 1000 solved puzzles. That is quite an achievement!


Ank, did you realize that you have solved 10,000 puzzles and you will be celebrating your 1st anniversary on jigidi in another 10 days? Well done my friend!!!


Love comes from both sides.


Micky is a good companion, she loves to be with you, I can see that.


Good night Trudy. No it was not cold. I hate cold water and in this I could swim. Sleep tight.


I hope the water was not too cold!