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Happy Hallowene!

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49 solves
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Oh, the things we puppies put up with for our humans....


Freddy really is a good dog and he poses perfectly, but I wonder how manages to see something :))


Dear sweet Hester, I left you a comment on the special puzzle, and while I'm here, I might as well make the point again, that I hope you took Freddy trick or treating. Ohhh, and Growly too!
I LOVE this picture of Freddy. :-)


It's good to see you entering into the 'spirit' of things Freddy . . . I won't let on to Growly that you've been at the sloe gin . . . :D)


Such an eejit too, Lela! lol


Aah....such elegance...such grace....such sophistication!.....


Jan, Freddy would love to have as many stamps in his passport as Growly and the U.S. of A. would be top of his wish list...especially with that foxy siren, Maggie as a pen pal!

koeinamrhein, thanks for asking. Freddy is a Briard, a French sheepdog. Just 22 months old and an absolute star.

Ardy,If you see Freddy sitting still for more than a moment of two there MUST be a biscuit in the offing! LOL


Dear Freddy, Thanks for being so patient and letting your human keep dressing you up. You're a good dog. You deserve an extra biscuit for this one.

Cute - a Neufie? or Beuvia (spelling??)


What a handsome Fred - Love the ghostly "antlers!" He is a cutie, no matter what! And, yes, you are evil! If he ever runs away from home.......I think we could find a spot for him in Oregon! LOL
Happy Halloween!


The indignities I put this poor dog through! LOL