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For Maddie_ sleep well._January 2014

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Thank you, zwan.


Beautiful phloxie.


After a while crocodile..
Can't answer right now, I feel for you.
You know what I feel !!!! Phloxie, I can't express my thoughts right now, not even in Dutch, sorry.
Don't cry too much.. Take care


Maddie, I am so glad you like it. ....... I hoped you would.

I am so sorry for your loss. I had no idea. I sit here close to tears.... my beloved died 15 months ago... when we went to bed that night he was very much alive... he did not wake up in the morning....... he was 63, but to me that was to young.... (How can one laugh and cry at the same time???)) I understand sudden and unexpected, Maddie, and I am so sorry to hear you do to........

I cried again last night as I went to sleep... LOL!!! I cried 'after I went to bed to get some sleep' would be more accurate, yes? I think you know what I am talking about... Jigidi has been one of the places laughter has come to me again, and that laughter is worth gold to me. Though the love that I knew with my beloved ,,,, that is what makes me rich even now (and I do not talk of 'gold' here... not at all... well, not the coin in hand type. LOL).

I found I was so hungry for the orange colors for a long time... even now... they seem to help replenish me with some of the vitality that's been sucked out by the grief. I tend to include them in many of those 'drawings' of mine. I am glad you like the colors.

Be well. Eat that chocolate!!! Keep making those strong and crazy pictures for your puzzles. I knew there was something that pulled me to your work. That strong, crazy will to continue, and to continue with joy and life even in the midst of the tears. Some truths are at their richest through paradox I think. And this grief is one of them; sadness and sweetness, memories and the very start knowing that the present moment is all we have, and that this is the place we live. Now.

I'm rambling. The sky lightens... and I want 10 more minutes to go back to bed and snooze before I 'really' get up.

Later, 'gater.


Phloxie, the caption really touched me, and I have a good reason for it. The person I loved most, my husband, suddenly died almost 6 months ago, he had a cardiac arrest. He was just 49.
Thank you again, my friend.


Oooooh Phloxie, thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT ! Thank you so much, it's so beautiful, those colors, they do something to me.
I hope you sleep well, and don't work too hard, hope to see you soon xxx


Maddie: Yes. I painted, or drew, 'Still'..... whatever you call manipulating pixills with your finger on the mouse.. LOL!!! You asked if I would draw more?? I love doing these! My eyes just drink in the color as I smear it across the monitor... I think it's called 'winter color deficiency' due to loss of color in the environment due to all the snow and ice.. (I just made that up.) If you like this piece, it belongs to you. I made it with you in mind: I was trying to come up with what it looks like to wake up early in the morning after a good night's sleep.

Now, my turn to try for some shut eye. Long week ahead, I think I'm procrastinating. ... no. I know I am. LOL!!!