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More Mostly Red: Medium

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I created the kaleidoscopes in this collage.


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That one puzzle to the right makes us think the whole thing is Christmas when that is the only one that really is:) I'm glad you like it, Jan and Ardy. And it did look very Christmasy outside when I made and posted this. It did melt some yesterday but there was a dusting of snow this morning on top of what remains of the 15 inches we got last week.


I thought Christmas too when I saw this. Guess outside that's what it looks like. I see you added the other line on the deer picture. Love this puzzle. Thank you, Gail.


Tra la la la la, la la la la! Deck the puzzles! Oh wait, Gail already has!! And, beautifully, too! Thanks so much!


It does look a lot like Christmas (can you hear me singing?) around here. Luckily today it's 44 and sunny so some melting is going on. The reason I chose the kaleidos is this week's them is all things red. I don't remember where all of these came from, but the only one that might be Christmas is the middle right. There are several Fiesta ware ones and the lower right is glass beads. I'm glad you like this Mariasha and Barb.


Definitely some Christmas kaleidos here, I think. But I think it must feel more like Christmas weather where you are, Gail, with snow and cold. Some pretty images here. I think today I would choose the lower left corner because the colours are sunny and we need some warmth here too. :-))

Is it Christmas in April?! Thanks for the fun.