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Kringle Bear wishes Hester a Happy Birthday

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Hester, Kringle asked to wish you a happy day and you know how bears can be when they are not indulged. Enjoy your day. Thanks for all the delightful times we have with you.


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Thanks, Pat. Did you notice Hester's avatar? We actually get to see her.


Happy belated Birthday Hester.. Love the Kringle Bear...


I wouldn't have bothered you Hester, but you know little bears when they get a notion. Hope it was a great day. And thanks so much for all the fun and laughter you provide. You are a real blessing.


Ardy, I SHOULD be sleeping, and it is a wonder of modern science that I am not yet! :-DD However, I couldn't miss out on this little gem! I may be mistaken, but Kringle looks to me like a bear who really needs a mince pie!!! Indulgement time!!

Faye, Nope. I simply stopped!! ;-))


You're welcome, Faye. It was Kirsten (Random Worship) who put up the first puzzle for Hester that I saw today. Merry Christmas to you.


Ank, I hoped she would see this but by now she should be sleeping as you probably are by the time I'm writing this.


Thank you for letting us know, Ardy.

Happy Birthday, Hester...and many, many more! (Do you count backwards yet?) :DDD


A lovely puzzle Ardy, Hester will be happy with it.
Once more Hester, happy birthday.