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Storm is A'brewin'* and/or Point of Destination*

132 pieces
245 solves
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*A'brewin' is undoubtedly not a word but it fits.
*Toodles came up with an equally good title which is why "Point of Destination" had to be added.


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Mandy, I see that you were going over the speed limit with your pedaling. LOL


Uh oh.... I seem to have inadvertently caused a change to the language protocols around here!! I guess I was thinking about ped-alling along your lovely track to that distant destination!! I'm going to solve it now... :~)


Toodles, I changed the title. ;-)

Pat, that's your problem. You were solving the puzzle pedfectly which is why you didn't make the leader board. Uh oh. Mandy is going to kill me, and possibly you, after she gets done work which will be much later on today.

Thanks so much, Ms. whatnauts. :-)))))))))


Stunning, as usual. Thanks Ms. Wendy.


Oh, my--I thought I was solving this "pedfectly"--the pieces just flew together--but apparently I was mistaken! 10:50! As for your title, if Bob Dylan could write about times that are A'changin', you can surely describe a Storm Abrewin'!!!

Thanks so much...I loved it. I see "Point of Destination".


Pedfectly???? LOL! Get your sleep. Hmmm. Well, maybe you were making up your own new word too. ;-)


I love it too - and your new word, it fits pedfectly !!


Thank you very much, Janine. I thought it would be a cool one to solve. :-)

Great, I love it. Thanks Wendy, Janine.