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An artist visited last night....

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I guess they just have to learn the hard way, snooker! :)

#1 son did the same Colin. His father wanted to leave him there but I got the warm water and released him.


Thank you all for your comments! Will get to each one a bit later :)


It's true!!! The first night she arrived in Canada, daughter # 3 decide to "taste" the outside doorknob! Warm water did the trick :)


Did you stick your tongue to it to see if that old story was true?


Yes, Jack's an exceptional artist, but he only works in ephemeral media. Maybe the blizzard ebkrueg refers to was the one in January '66, when we got 36" in Ithaca. They postponed finals for the first time in living memory. Intrepid adventurers who decided to go tray sliding had to systematically build the runs - they'd go halfway down the hill and disappear into an explosion of snow!

And I too had frost on the window of my bedroom as a child, in spite of storm windows. Our breath during the night provided the moisture; our upstairs was unheated except for that which bled up from the first floor, assisted by a vent. The walls of the mid-19th century farmhouse weren't insulated; when the wind blew hard you could feel it blowing across the floor from the gaps between the molding and the old warped pine boards. We knew winter had arrived when Mom put the flannel sheets on the beds.


Very nice work of art.
Thanks Suzy.


Very COOL!! lol


Good eye, Suzy! Lovely pic :). We don't really need storm doors in this part of the world, but they do stop draughts!


Ahhh, lovely!


One piece of art I'm glad I didn't get.

The best part of winter. :)


Yes, Gracie. We are.
In our lifetimes. :)


It looks like we are going back to Christmas Suzy, same here! ARE WE GOING TO HAVE SPRING?


Agnes-Your day sounds simply GRAND! I am living the warm weather through you :)

According to the radar, I thought you were getting good bit of white stuff, Beekay. The wind just makes it worse. Stay warm! Soon the crocus will be up! :)

You have said it perfectly, Ginger. Thank you.

When a puzzle we post brings good memories, it's a happy moment. :) You are welcome, Florrie. Your mom sounds like a good lady.

It was quite a surprise, Ardy! I don't recall ever seeing the storm door frost up like that. The temperature really bottomed out quickly last night. Pleased that this one missed you and that spring is sprouting in your neighborhood!


Pretty, Suzy in a Brrrrr type of way. Thanks.


The delicate touch of Mr. Jack Frost. Busy person this year. Looks like lace. So pretty.


Somewhere between 13-16" to rearrange Pumpkin. But right now mother nature and her wind is rearranging it. I think it's about 24F right now and the sky is getting brighter so I hope the storm is over.


Oh Suzy, was with us this afternoon 18 ° C and the husband sat for two hours in the yard, in the sun. I planted seedlings of strawberries. However, it is too dry for us. I hope that it will rain on Sunday.
Our summer season every year more dry. . .


Many are ready to see mother nature's display of FLOWERS here Barb and Bluebird! :)

That may have been the year of the blizzard, ebkrueg. I just know that the city schools NEVER closed-and they were closed for at least 2 days. It was grand! :)

You are very welcome, Sharon! Usually storm doors also have a screen in them, so in the nice weather you can leave the inside door opened, and then have a breeze coming through the screen in the storm door. I hope you're having a good day ☺


Thankyou for explaining that. I had actually seen a photograph of a house on jigidi that had two doors and noticed the front one was glass and thought it really strange. Obviously when we have storms we don't get snow and thought a glass door would be hopeless here. Now it all makes sense. I do love the pattern that was left for you overnight. Gorgeous. ♥ Sharon


I remember that blizzard in 1965(?) Suzy. My poor neighbor across the street had all the snow blown against his garage door. Took him days to shovel it out, as it had concrete blocks holding the high banks on either side. It was the perfect funnel.


Jack Frost is such a wonderful artist. Thank you for including two of his works here today. Thought I was through with winter pictures, but I can never resist his art!


Beautiful designs, Suzy :) Beauty of mother nature on display here :)))


I shall use my best teacher explanation for you, Spricey! And I shan't make it a silly one!
We have 2 doors; an inside door, and a storm door with well insulated glass to keep the cold and wind from coming into the house.
The ice forms on glass when warmer/moister air is on the inside (between our 2 doors) and the air outside becomes very cold. In our case, the temperatures yesterday were above 32F (0 C). When the temperature dropped late last night, it dropped to around 0 F ( -17C) AND the wind picked up. VOILA! The ice patterns formed on our storm door.
As I got to the last step on the stairs this morning, the patterns on the glass were the first thing I saw. Of course, I had to get my camera!
If you would like a more scientific explanation, I can find a link for you ☺


We would get these on upstairs windows in a farm house we had for a while. They are wondrous!

I left a response for you:


Thank you Jim and Chickie.

I understand, Beekay. I really do. We have no rearranging of snow to do. Our temperatures stayed too warm, and we had sleet, freezing rain and snow. No real accumulation. How many inches do you have to rearrange?

Did you get the blizzard conditions that Buffalo and Rochester had, smllpkg? It IS bitter cold and WINDY out there today. Take your time with the rearranging. :)

Thank you roseheather and Laura!


Okay Suzy - I have to ask the dumb did you get those patterns? I am assuming your front door would be undercover does this happen, what makes the pattern? Be gentle with me, I have never experienced snow life!!!


The patters are so pretty up close. Good idea for a photo, Suzy.




So delicate! Our snow has stopped falling. Now it's rearrange it time, but it's so cold out there, I can only work at it for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be in the high 40's. That's why I don't mind March storms. They're never around for too long.


Just to let you know, I am NOT doing snow or ice puzzles! Enough of that in my life right now :-(
Still snowing here. You too?


Love it!


Beautiful, Suzy!