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Fabric Bolts for Fall! - KaleidoBOARDS

48 pieces
79 solves
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Kate - I'd like a dollar for every time I forgot to "post comment!"
Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it! Where do you live? I know it's always dark here in Oregon when I post these.


Hmmmm, I'm sure I commented on the bright beauty of this puzzle but evidently again forgot the Post comment button. It was still dark here but . . . Perhaps I was blinded by the incredible light of your puzzle. I really like it.


As you know, I agree with you, PJ - The more the merrier! I love to solve puzzles, too! and I rarely take time to solve my own. I usually think.....gosh there are so many great puzzles people posted today, I'll do those first! LOL


Jan, I love your boards and I like my own experiments. It's fun that we post different things - then we get more variety. (I see it as more to enjoy, rather then comptetion.)
Jan - I think you're very good at composing patterns and colors.


Yes, I've seen PJ's boards, and you, young lady, have some competition on your hands!


Mandy - how fun is your comment! Love the alliteration!! Thank you so much!


They are fun fabrics, Hanne and I will be doing another one using different kaleidos from the same group.....later.


What fabulously fantastic fall fabrics, thanks Jan.


The detailled patterns are fabulous, very, very impressing!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


You are so welcome, Ardy! See you later!


Beautiful, Jan. This went together for me really fast. Thanks. It's time for me to leave for awhile. Back later. Gorgeous puzzles here today. Thank you again.


Gail - I am thrilled that you like KaleidoBOARDS. Do you remember when I first posted them - - there were a lot of strong feelings as to their "likeability."
I think they are fun and I'm glad so many of you like them.
Have you noticed that PJ has done some very pretty and different versions of the BOARD format? I love hers, too!
Thanks for the comment. :D


Pat - Thank you so much!


I don't care what anyone says, I love your kaleido boards!


Love it thanks.