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Whirling, swirling butterflies :)) I

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I think that Jigidi is a very time-consuming but also a very healthy addiction LOL, so enjoy yourself as much as you can before starting work again. :))))


Oh Dagmar, I think I'm truly addicted... once I start my new job it will change, but for the time being I'm solving and creating as much as I can :~)


Hi Mandy, yes it is good to know that we won't run out of puzzles LOL, one of these days I will leave everything undone and I'll tackle one of the really big ones. :))) And now after a long day working the best part is coming here and have some comments waiting for me that puts a smile on my tired face and makes it easier to start work again tomorrow.
Thanks for your visit and I'm happy you liked the puzzle, even though it wasn't as colourful as you usually like them. Tomorrow's will be much more to your liking :)))) but don't feel obliged now to do it. This was just a statement not advertising LOL


Good evening Ardy, I'm glad the butterflies brightened your moring and I really hope that this weekend I'll be able to catch up a bit here in Jigidi. :)))
Thanks for coming round. :))))


Hi Kirsten, the colours a not very bright, but I loved the image when I saw it. As I supposed not many people were drawn to the boring browns, but they don't know what they are missing LOL, I'm glad that you liked the outcome my last experiment and when you read this you are already starting your weekend, but I'll come straight after you one night's sleep and a bit of work and then it's weekend for me as well Jiiiipppeeeee . :))))))


Dagmar, this is wonderful. I know exactly how you feel about not knowing which bit of Jigidi you prefer, I think I go through phases, sometimes I like one bit best, and then another time it will be something else. However, it remains a joy at all times to know there will be endless puzzles to solve and friends to greet. Thanks :~)


Dagmar, this is a lovely puzzle to do early in my morning. It's so beautiful. Thank you . I'll be glad when you can get some play time for yourself.


Gosh that's just beautiful Dagmar!! Thanks so much. :)))


Good morning Hester, it's a pleasant surprise meeting you so eary in your morning - not so eary in mine I should be getting down to serious work now after housework, posting and commenting :((( - it would be wonderful to sit down with you now for a little while to have a coffee and chat, but the only thing I could offer you where the butterflies and I'm happy you enjoyed them. No need to thank me for my effort creating them, I was trying out a new program and was having at least as much fun creating than you solving. I never can decide which of the tree aspects of Jigidi I like most, the creating, the solving or the chatting. Although looking at the length of my replay this question might answer itself. LOL
Thanks for your visit, now I can settle down to work with a big smile on my face. :))


Dagmar, I love this! The blending, colouring and design are delightful! Thankyou for all the effort you have put into creating this. :-)))