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Grinkle Grid

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49 pieces
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I agree--I never would have selected those colors myself (I'm much more conventional!), but I loved them when I saw them! Thanks so much, Jan!


Color combinations are different from my usual choice, but they really work well together! Thanks so much for this very fun maze!


And I'm just as sure that I would like yours better! But it definitely is more your color style than mine, which is why it's so cool looking! :-)))


Pat, this one is AWESOME! What's weird is that I made a puzzle with similar colors recently but was afraid to post it. It's a good thing because I like yours better than mine!


Great! :-))) I love it when people come up with new combos for me to try--thanks, Katie! I most certainly will make one like that!


I just read your reply to Judy. I look forward to the blues and purples! Would you consider one in my favorites of pumpkin orange, sunny yellow and magenta pink?


We definitely love new words! It seems we come up with quite a few of them with your puzzles and it's great fun!


You might even need a couchycopter for this shipment......

Thanks, whatnauts! :-)


Great grid :))


Well, they'll have to be big ones anyway........or even by chairycopter........


It's funny, Katie, but I was trying to create an alliterative title (now there's a surprise--not!), and wanted something that went with "grid". The fact that LunaPic changed a puzzle with all blues and roses and purples into one with so much green stuck in my mind, so I was going to call it a greenish grid. But, hey, if there's a new word waiting to be coined, why go with simple?!

Thanks Judy--it took some time to draw the grid itself, but this is the third time I've colored it in, so I'm getting plenty of use out of it! It's great fun trying out different patterns, so that part is easy. I'll be posting the original, in those blues and purples, etc., in a few days, in all 3 sizes, so you might want to wait to see if you'd prefer that one. :-)

Of course you can, Lela. How many carrier pigeons do you think we'll need for the shipment?.......


Could I have 200 of these, to tile my bathroom walls?.......Thanking you in advance......


Thanks Pat for a great idea and great execution. Love the color combinations and your new word. That alone made me curious to do the puzzle in hopes of finding the meaning. Did it take you a very long time to construct this beauty? Thanks for a great puzz. Perhaps I'll tackle the larger one if it's not too big.


Thanks much for the definition of grinkle! That one had me stumped. And now it makes perfect sense! I guess my poor brain can't think in jigidese and listen to the TV at the same time!


I thought so too, Katie, and when you eventually see the original, you'll wonder how LunaPic ever decides on what colors to change to! It's always a surprise, and many times I hate the results, but this time I was intrigued! And Grinkle was my new word for green, pink, and purple! LOL!


Hi Pat, this looks somewhat mysterious with the darker colors. I love it!


Here it is Starla:

Thanks, Ardy! This is actually not the original, which is in different, more "normal" colors. I used LunaPic to "emboss" it, which gives it the oddball colors, and then used that blurred borders effect, which is what makes those long rectangles around the edge. I just liked to strange colors so much that I posted it this way first! LOL!


I'd like to see your crossword when you're got it finished, Pat. In the meantime I'll just enjoy the pleasing colors here. Thanks.

Would like this in a lot more pieces please. Thank you.


Hmmmm.... That would be an interesting version of a crossword, if the words had to follow the colors, instead of just going across or down! Cool!!! If I work it out and patent it, I'll definitely split the profits with you, Barb! :-)))


Still looks like a crazy crossword puzzle to me, Pat, but with a fancy border this time. LOL
Thanks for a fun puzzle. :-)