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Who Knew??

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To be honest I'd rather celebrate No Bubble Gum Day!! But this is used to raise money for charity in schools... so I'm all for that!!!


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Perhaps I should add a warning that the puzzle is NOT for human consumption instead!!! On the other hand I am delighted that you felt this was so realistic as to be edible! :~)
I cannot imagine how it got to taste of cardboard.... I would have expected it to be more like plastic...


It behooves you to add the food flavoring the next time you credible an edible puzzle. Otherwise it will taste pretty much like cardboard (like this one tasted).


Thanks whatnauts, Jan and Wendy...

I'm delighed Jan recognised the swirls for what they are!!

Wendy - at least you joined in, even if you didn't chew the real deal!!! :~)


Mandy, the pieces in this one are terrific! I almost chewed on a few. Well, I did chew on a few but they didn't taste like bubble gum should.


This puzzle was incredibly fun! I love all the kaleidos and the shiny swirls behind them. Great representation for an unbelievably important holiday! LOL


Well, since it's for charity...... LOL


Oh my goodness, my internet connection went down and you lovely people have been leaving such nice comments for me... thank you....
Michelle, 2dogs7cats, Pat, Katie and PJ - I hope you have all have a wonderfully bubbly day :~))


Wonderful puzzle and I'm all for helping kids too. Your bubble gums seem very colorful. I wonder what will come next.....


Another great puzzle Mandy! The background swirls are in the colors that bubble gum cigars came in years ago. Bazooka bubble gum came with Bazooka Joe comics wrapped aroung the gum. I always liked the candy coated egg shaped gum at Easter. Thanks for the fun and the memories!


Yes, there were cards that came with the flat rectangles of bubble gum. There were comic strips wrapped around the blob ones! I used to love chewing gum, and I never minded when others chewed or blew bubbles--just when they would snap, snap, snap every few seconds. Like fingernails on a chalkboard to me! LOL! Love the puzzle and the celebration, Mandy! This looks like a pizza pie made of bubble gum, with pretty candy toppings!


Love these busy puzzles. Never know where I'm going with them.
so much fun. thanks


What fun, Mandy. The under bit does look like chewed gum too! Good job. (The kaleidos are gorgeous...)


Ardy, I'm neither!! Since most schools ban it, I suppose it's what makes today so special and why kids will donate to a charity in order to be allowed to use it. I've never bought it, so I don't know about collectible cards, but it sounds like something any manufacturer would promote to increase sales!!!
Today, I hope those who enjoy it get to blow bigger and better bubbles than before!!


roerick, I'm delighted your family will love celebrating today... I hope they won't get gum in too many hard to reach places!!! LOL :~)


Mandy, spoken like a true teacher or dental hygienist !!! All gum is a no-no at our school. I remember in my neighborhood growing up we would have bubble gum contests to see who could blow the biggest bubble. We'd end up with gum all over our faces and sometimes even in the hair - not good. Weren't there collectible cards with the Bazooka gum pieces? Thanks, Mandy. Happy popping chewers.


This is a fun day. Blowing bubbles all day--haven't done that in years. Love the puzzles and the Bazooka color of the big gum underneath. Great job. Thanks. My family will love this celebration day.


Thanks Barb, it's generous of you to supply the poppers!! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle too :~)


Thanks Kirsten, happy popping!!! :~)


Haven't had bubble gum since I was very young so I'm with you, Mandy, for No Bubble Gum Day. However, for a good cause, I'll gladly supply the 'poppers'. :-)) Thanks for another weird celebration puzzle. :-)


Gorgeous kaleidos Mandy! And if Bolton's havin' bubble gum, I am too!! Pop! Pop!! LOL


LOL!!! :~)))))))


Hee hee - POP!