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Crossword Cake

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Yay! I rock! I rule! I found a crossword cake!

Of course, I didn't actually make it...

I did search for jigsaw puzzle cakes, but Google misunderstood me, or something.

Still, I bet I'm not the only crossworder here!


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Yes they do, dirty girl!


Aw, Pat, somehow I knew you would. That's how I fall asleep, too -- plus wrestling with the cat in the lap to provide me writing space.

I would LOVE to see a Scrabble competition in Birmingham. They have thick accents there, don't they?



I keep a couple of spiral bound books of NYT Sunday crossword puzzles in my bedside table, and I do them every night sitting on the edge of the bed until I can't keep my eyes open. It's a terrific one-two punch. It exercises my mind, and I go to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!

I joined a registered Scrabble club in Birmingham, and let me tell you, those people are sharks! I got slaughtered every week! I kept going because it was fun, but boy have they got words memorized! They don't even know what they mean, just how to spell them.


Then yay for you and your grandfather! I am nearing completion on a book of them.

I'm in between jobs, as they say, and think I will start making crosswords for income. I began one that's all about cats, but it's a 25 x 25, and the NYT's rules stop at 21 x 21. I'll let everyone know when I start to sell them!

I expect you and I might become great friends. Tell me what you'd like me to create a jigsaw of.

Mischka -- I also LOVE cryptic crosswords. My grandfather got me started when I was still quite young.


SHPToronto, of course you're right. I love Scrabble too. A funny quirk of my brain is that I create anagrams in my head all the time, literally, and I'd probably win a Scrabble competition, if there were one in my neighborhood.

My favorites are the difficult British cryptic crosswords, which provide plenty of anagrams, though I will deign to do the NYT puzzles. Lol.

Thanks for writing!

I think it is probably a Scrabble themed cake. Still fun and colourful!

I love them too!

You're right! I love crosswords, and this cool cake too!

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