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Used exoskeletons

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A few days ago I removed about 3 dozen of these Cicada shells and now there are more! I have noticed that they are on only 2 of the elm trees on the east side from about 4 to 8 feet high. Very interesting!


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I agree with JBelle - I couldn't cope with these but it's a fantastic shot.


For some reason the front ends of these make my skin crawl. Insects are an acquired taste that I don't have yet. But, JC, it is a great photo! :)


Oh my! What a great picture!! Thank you JC! Those are (were) big bugs!!!!


Chickie, I find all sorts of things attached to my neck, too! LOL!
Kate, I put 2 dozen into used egg cartons. They might come in handy later. You just never know!
(Seriously, I feel like I live in a National Geo Special and I learn something new everyday thanks to Jigidi!)


LOL lela!


Did you bring these into your home so they could take their place in formation with their fallen brethren and sistern (no that's not right - female brethern) ????? Eventually you can dig a mass grave to put them all in with a marker in commemoration ----- or use the waste bin.
No, they are really amazing and the whole cycle that is their secret. Thanks.


Wow! keep them there JC!!


Hee-Hee!....I misread chickie's comment - thought she said "neck"!!......


Nice shot of them jc. I keep finding these attached to my deck.


This is the year for them .... They are so noisey around here..