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Barber Shop in Dubach

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  2. Juanca28100:11
  3. Dilubreuer0:12
  4. evepat0:12
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Thanks Oddio, don't blink or you will miss it!
Lunie, the only thinbg I know is the Dogtrot Houses. It was just a town we passed through on our way further south.
Come on's not hard to figure out!!! :)
I knew from the start Snooker.....but never heard it with the statement Pumpkin made. :)

You got it Lyndee. Ask morris - I told him in an e-mail. :)


Now Snooker, we are all curious!


What is the town famous for aside from its Chicken Festival lyndee?


What a neat little town, Lyndee. I hope I can stop there if/when I am travelling in the southern part of the state. Nice to see there is no appointment needed at this establishment.

Snooker, I am shocked, whatever that second line is. (But then, I am easily shocked.)

I heard that line was used by Vaudeville performers as it fits that rhythm pattern used at the end of a joke-- dum-diddle-dum-dum, dum-dum. (Dumb?)


Well, I know what rhymes with bits and it isn't rocket ships!!!!! (that's a different song) :)


I'm guessing you won't share your imagination with us? :)

It must have been local and it was off color as none of you seem to know it. Guess when I was a kid imaginations ran wild. :)


Cute little shop, thanks Lyndee. hugs.


Okay, snooker. I have been ALL OVER the world of bing and google looking for more lines to "Shave and a haircut, two bits." I think your "lyric" education was local (and am guessing off color!! :) ), as there is NO PLACE I can find another line!!! Seems like people made up lines to go along with what MAY have originally been a Burma Shave ad. (No real proof of that either!)


That's the only line I know, snooker!!!
I'm innocent as well!

Way to change the subject COden! :)


Small horses in that old town, the hitching rails are really low.


I'm not in on the joke neither Morris. Must be because we're so innocent!!!! :))))


Did not know that there was another line ...

Still laughing, Suzy. You don't want to say the next line of that verse.


Shave and a haircut...two bits!

Why this advertisement?