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Panning with great hopes

30 pieces
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by Alfredo Rodriguez


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Hi GNT: the river you mention is Klamath. Dredging is what you describe by using a machine that floats on water and sand, rocks are vacuumed from the bottom. Klamath Falls is a town in S. Oregon. Beautiful country.


Hi Gene, just reading your personal posting again and realize we're nearly neighbours. I live just east of the Oswegan First Nations just outside Brantford Ontario. Through my secretarial business, I've done a fair bit of work for clients from that area including subjects on First Nations life in Canada. I love Michigan and the Sault area. Been to both U.S. and Ontario cities. Thanks for your posting. Great stuff.


thanks bloorox


Another great painting, my friend! I'd also love to try it someday! Thanks for sharing!


thank U pkin,pumpkin......I did it once out in California in the north part of the state about 50 miles south of the Oregon line..I think the river was Kammoth river south of the Kammoth Falls....there were some there then that had a rubber raft with a vacume machine on it and the divers would go down and vacume the bottom and run it through a machine that would remove the gold,,heard they were making about $300-$400 a day.....


A tough job, panning for gold. Have "tried" it a few times when in the "right spots", just to get a feel for what they went through. Luckily, we don't have to depend on it to live. Another fine puzzle, gnt. Thanks, as always, for your posts.


Amazing painting ... would love to pan for gold... It would be fun.. thanks gnt


Thank U Nana and don't worry won't say a word :)))


gnt, I'm in love with Alfredo and this gentleman that's doing the panning. But you can't breath a word of it! LOL! Wonderful painting! Alfredo Rodriguez never disappoints.


U are so welcomed Monica, Naoma glad u enjoyed it


Wonderful set thank you gnt. . . Naoma


HMMMMM! Is it real or is it that drasted fools gold, I jeez cain't tell! L.O.L. This is truly beautiful gnt, thanks again for a wonderful set!...Monica


thank U chickie


Another one with great detail! Thanks gnt.


I agree with U my friend and thanks


Lovely puzzle of a long gone past. Thanks.


Another great one gnt. I asked you a question on one of my latest puzzles and her is another one."It does not require many words to speak the truth"?