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Good Morning Thought

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My morning view at 7:15 AM 11/11/2018


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Good afternoon LD thank you .. Hugs

Good afternoon S .. You're right .. Hugs

Good afternoon Ardy ... It's 2:30 here and we finally made it to 40º F .. But the sun is shining bright .. Thank you too .. Hugs

Good afternoon madhat .. I thought of you folks when they were talking about the fires on the news .. Prayer from this way .. Stay safe ..

Good afternoon Beekay .. We should never forget .. As they say Freedom isn't Free .. Hugs

Good afternoon Lorna … We need to remember yours also .. Hugs


Hello Pat. Thanks. Yes, we will remember them.


Never forget those who gave us so much to be thankful for.♥


Good morning from SMOKEY Northern California. It’s unbelievable. The air is thick. Your GMT is perfect for so many affected by the fires. Please pray for them. Thx


Good morning, Pat. Beautiful sunrise there. Sun is shining here too but it's cold. Wonderful thought. Thanks. Have a blessed day. Hugs.

Thanks for all veterans.


Thank you for a beautiful GMT. Many thanks to all the men and women who have served and are currently serving. We are grateful. I just fed my veteran husband his favorite breakfast (homemade buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy). Let us Never Forget!!!!


Good morning and day of remembrance.


Will pray for them too Pat... Good morning.