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Friesland, Towns and villages, Bakkeveen.

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From a lookout tower


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Thanks friend. Many pieces are nice if you just want to solve. Small puzzles are nice if you like the small talks. And then there is no time for the big puzzles. I like 20 best. When I have a day with much time (once in 3 months) I like to solve a big one.


Hi. Ank I am so enjoying solving your puzzles. I haven't seen much of the world and your lovely puzzles are opening up a section that I wouldn't see otherwise. You're also right about the smaller puzzles being more practical. Talk to you later.


Thanks Jan Cathy Katie and Suzy. No Jan, I'm on the top of a lookout tower. This is in the middle of the woods of Bakkeveen. It is a recreational area. There are many parking places just for the visitors. Cathy we can't do anymore without parking places, we want to show everything, so also this. Just the things of normal live. Katie, I couldn't help, it just came out. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this kind of answers. Suzy, indeed if you look well there are many things which tell Spring is coming. I just hope itwill hurry and hope it will be better as last year.


I see a touch of spring~!


Your first answer about the parking lot made me laugh! It sounds exactly like an answer I would give to such a question. Good to see so many people come to visit the woods for nice nature walks. Thanks Ank!


Oh good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who posts pictures of parking lots!!! Thanks Ank. I love it.


A lot of cars, must be an office building of some sorts.


Lol, to park your car. Sorry it just came out. I had to laugh.
Just for people who visit the wood. There are more parking places, all used by everybody and free. There are also tennis courts and sports fields, restaurants. But most people come for the woods.


Such a cold and dreary day out! What is the parking lot for?


Hi girls, indeed in summer it must be very beautiful, but also in winter it is. It was a very cold day, a very chilly winter day. And look how many cars at that parking place. There are many parking places over there, and they all had cars. I have some more photos from up there, I will show you in the next days.


Must look great in summer:-) Thanks so much Ank:-)) HUGS


Wonderful picture thanks Sis


This could be a parking lot here. Thanks Ank.


And when it all becomes green it'll be - incredibly wonderful!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


In the summer, there has to be beautiful, thank you very much for nice photo Ank :-))))


Good morning Ank. I like the bird's eye view.