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Grackle with a White Feather

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Sorry that this one is not totally clear. Taken Tuesday, Feb 19, in my back yard.


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I watched the video - strange behaviour! He looks a bit like the Magpies we get a lot of here. They say it's unlucky of you see one Magpie (so you have to spit to take the sting out of the bad luck!) But more than one is lucky. Strange!


Laura, you just have to see this video (if you haven't already)...


He looks mad at some one!
Did you get a lot of snow?


This is a great photo, Laura. Isn't that cool how just one feather can act not normal. And you caught it. Next time it molts it may go back to black.


Michelle, that was the second time I saw that program on crows, also. I am fascinated at their intelligence and how they reacted to the man with the mask. They can recognize faces. The coolest thing was how that one crow used a tool to get another tool to pull the food out of the box. Absolutely amazing!

Thank you so much for your comments, PG, Michelle and pumpkin!


A white feathered grackle! Amazing!


I watched that one again too, Laura. They are a fascinating bird, aren't they?


I am the chosen bird and you will feed me. Nice set LJ.


Last night I saw a special on PBS about crows. It was amazing! Anyway, there was one crow with some white feathers, just like my grackle.
Thanks for stopping by, Pat, chickie, Nana, Michelle and gnt!


you have a rare pic with that white feather in that grackle......not a common thing lauraj...great pic


Aha...more than one then. They are such a social bird, aren't they. I have never seen one with a white feather...thank you for capturing it with the camera and sharing it with us, Laura!


Another beautiful bird! I'm going to start looking closer at the birds in my yard...I think I've missed out! Thanks Laurajane!


Ya gotta admit, they are pretty birds. Thanks lj.


Great picture ... Thanks LJ