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Strange Landscape... (Smaller)

42 pieces
130 solves
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Oh, I think I remember it now--I thought you meant it was one of mine. And, yes, if I'd really been capable of doing it, that's what I really wanted to be--a writer. I was even given a good typewriter at age 9, and I used to write stories all the time. Later on, I would bring in "chapters" from stories I was writing and read them to my friends in the lunchroom. Later on, when I was a young married woman, my father entered a number of my poems in poetry contests held in California (where my parents lived), without asking me, and they all won prizes. In college, I had two professors (one in honors French and one in English, a man named Robert Towers who reviewed books for the NY Times) read my entire midterms to the class as examples of how to write. So I had a certain amount of talent, I guess. But I never pursued that dream, really.....It's nice to hear that you think I have at least some ability with words! Thanks so much, Rosie! :-))))))


The shot-gun wedding wasn't one of your puzzles. It was a puzzle someone else posted and people were making comments on and many of the comments were from numbskulls who thought a wedding photo with the wedding party, in their finery, holding different calibers of firepower was a good thing. It was stupid and you were eloquent in your reasoning. Lela made a comment, in his (?) way about that photo and the conversation on your puzzle agreeing with something you said. I had to find the photo to see what you sere both talking about and I loved the whole exchange. Can never understand our fascination with guns in this country. So please don't go back and look for that puzzle and waste your time. And, I saw that four letter idiot on your arrows puzzle and was going to say something but know that it will never change the way proplr like that think. Thanks for answering me and know that I love your puzzles and your literary abilities.


If I could have made a 1000 piece one, I would have! LOL! Jigidi used to limit us to the low 400's, and now it's 540, though.... I'll have to go back and check the puzzles you refer to--I'm not sure I know which one is the shotgun wedding. And people really can be numbskulls, you're right! Apparently I missed an idiot on my large version of the arrows puzzle who used 4-letter words to make his feelings known...... The comments are usually great fun, though, thank goodness, which is why we're all so nuts about Lela's puzzles--doing the actual solving is always the least important part!

Thanks so much, Rosie! :-)))))


I forgot to say that the 5 boxes puzzle from Dec. 19th with the orange center box that looked like it was reversing itself was the best ever. Loved it along with many others. And was wondering if Lela ever got a 1000 piece puzzle???


I see everything already pointed out in this puzzle except those little things across the bottom look like sailboats to me. Reallllllllllyyyyyy missed you. Had to go back into the archives and dig out lots of Pat puzzles of yore and, of coarse, read all of the comments from those long ago puzzles. Boy, was that fun!!! the comments were loaded with laughs and fun and some sadness and some politically charged debating (the shotgun wedding puzzle) which I enjoyed immensely. Numskulls who can't see beyond the end of their noses. You really have a way with words---ever thought of becoming a writer or were you in another life??? Anyway, glad you are back and hope you have recharged your batteries. Thanks for this one fun puzzle.


I was on a Magical Mystery Tour, literally, in a way! LOL! I love all the images you came up with--but I did think the bottom "snake" looked more like either little fishing boats or small, lit votive candles melting a bit...! This is another of my "Rorschach" paintings--only I realized that it probably reveals more about my twisted psyche than anyone else's..... :-)))


I think Ardy said it all - it's good to see a Pat puzzle again - you were missed!! Thanks :~)


I'm glad you're back, PD. I've missed you :)))


Welcome back, Pat. You brought back an erupting volcano which has spewed out a large blue rock, a yellow-orange star, an orange flower, an oversized winged pink insect, a slightly misshapen blurple bird, a lavender insect, an orange flower, and a green heart with a yellow ghost inside it. A rather colorless snake is slithering across the bottom while thin light blue clouds surround other parts.

I'd like to know where you have been so I won't ever go there!!! It's good to see you posting. Thanks.


Welcome back Pat, if this represents what you've seen - you must have had some holiday :-)))))) And I'm not asking what you got to drink ..... Will you be writing a fantasy novel from your holiday experiences ??? (The 'snake' seems to belong in such a story :-)))


with purple birds and an orange flower. That was some trip you may or may not have gone on. Thanks Pat.


Aha!....So you return from wherever you may or may not have been, and come back from (if you ever went there....wherever that may or may not have been)......Welcome back!......