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I went back and asked...

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This is a neighbors llama, who has a way with females. After some discussion, here, last night,
I decided because he likes the dolls and is wise, I would call him Dollie Llama. There was a request to talk to him to see what it was that he knew about his way with the ladies. I went to the fence, he came over and I asked" Please kind sir, tell me four things that makes you so popular with the ladies." He looked at me for a long time, checking my sincerity and said 1) I don't have attachments I lay on them 2) I love them all but lust after none 3) I trust them and respect them and don't doubt them and 4) AND I'M JUST AS CUTE AS THEY COME, and off to the other side of the field he ran.


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Awww, Dollie is super-cute. I smiled, I groaned, but mostly I like your sense of humor. Thanks for the entertainment. :-)


Thanks you ladies for coming by. Thanks gnt. Glad you all enjoyed it.


He is a wise llama, for sure!


Well, he's certainly right about #4!


good pic and nice story LOL


Thanks Petsmom Glad you enjoyed it too.

The narrative and the comments are fun. Thanks, warbler. Enjoyed the puzzle, too.


Its a little fuzzy but I was busy taking notes.


thank you for the information and since I fit most of the requirements I now know what to do if I can remember them by the morning. Nice close-up Warbler.


Cute, warbler!