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Icicles in My Back Garden Jan 2013

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Icicles on a Christmas Tree in my Back Garden During the Thaw.


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Thanx Texasstar - Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, Nellies, I had some hanging from the eaves and have posted a couple of pics of them. robryan - I just can't imagine having a hot Christmas! We're forecast more snow tomorrow. Thanks Maryrob and Ardy - Glad you like them... Best Wishes to you all.


Lovely big icicle and some smaller ones too. I love it when the sun hits them. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful icicles Niccolina,I love this.Thank you


BBRR!!! Nice icicle - but too cold for me!! We always have a hot Christmas here in Australia!! Thanks.


Big old icicle! Makes a nice puzzle. Thanks.


Thanks Sandy - they were beautiful while they lasted.


Yay! You had icicles. Nice puzzle Nicky.


No glass of wine or even cuppa, gemstone! I live in Buckinghamshire, England. All the snow is gone now, but we are forecast more next week. I'm not holding my breath as the weather forecasters often get it wrong!


Yay! I'm on the leader board (but probably not for long!) It never ceases to amaze me how I publish my picture, solve it, and by the time I've solved it several others have solved my own puzzles mush faster than me lol! Have come to the conclusion that my brain thinks it's 17 and my hands think they are 92 (or maybe the other way round?!) Never mind! Hope you all enjoy doing it.


Hope you have a glass of wine or a cup of tea to keep you company. :)

What area of the UK do you live in? We're in Vancouver, Canada.


Yeah, I don't sleep well so spend the time enjoying puzzles!


Goodness are up late tonight...or early this morning! :DDD