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What Happens When I Try To Draw A Swirl Freehand!

48 pieces
165 solves
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Thanks, Wendy! Isn't it just so exquisitely rendered, with such incredible craftsmanship? LOL!


Pat, MORE freehand puzzles! I LOVE this!


Is there much call for contour maps of turtle's heads, Lela? I can understand that mapping every inch of tadpoles might be a worthwhile endeavor, but turtles?........

I'm going to see if it does, whatnauts! But I've noticed that my drawings (no matter how silly, like this one), usually get many more solves than most of the loonies/kaleidos. And, of course, egotist that I am, I'm pleased that my own work does better than a program's...! LOL!


It may not exactly be a swirl, but I bet it makes great loonies!!


It looks like a contour map of a turtle's head..............(to me anyway).......


Oh, Ardy! LOL!!!

That is so nice of you, Mandy--thanks so much! And I can't imagine quitting, because I'm having too much fun! As far as the next stage of this puzzle's development goes, however...I think I'll leave well (or poorly) enough alone for now! :-)))


Ardy is right though Pat.... don't quit your day job!!!! What you are doing to cheer other people up is beyond price and if you stop I'm sure there would be a sizeable gap in many peoples' lives!!! I love that this is so different, and await the next stage of its development!!! LOL


OO, Ah, Um, eh .. (backtracks looking for a way out - somewhat embarrassed.)


Thanks, Katie and Ardy! It really is an attempt to draw a swirl by hand, rather than using the Paint oval/circle tool. As you can see, it didn't work very well! :-)))

But this IS my day job...! LOL!


Shows promise. Keep practicing but don't quit your day job. LOL Thanks for a good giggle this morning.


You're funny Pat! Thanks for this one.