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A mixture of old and new :)) IV

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Thanks for the answer, Anne, I already groan when we have 40 degrees C but I don't know what I would do with with 44 degrees C. I'm really enjoying my nice fresh winter just now with lots of rain - unusual for Madrid and the centre of Spain - and lots of snow in the mountains that I can see from my flat and it takes me about half an hour to go there by car. The mountains are my escape in summer when the heat gets too bad. It isn't really the temperatures during the day that get you down it is the inability to sleep in stifling nights. I always say it is easy to put on another sweater or another blanket, but when you have taken everything off what do you do. LOL
I just googled Adelaide as I more or less knew where It was but I hadn't any idea what it looked like and it seems to be a really beautiful city next to the sea. At least you have the escape of a bath when it gets too bad. I hope that you live near a beach. :)))
Thanks for coming back and have a wonderful and cool week. I would push some of our northern cold down to you but I suppose you are just a bit too far away to reach you. :))


Really hot yesterday, Saturday, Dagmar. About 44C but today a cool change and just under 30C - like about 15 degrees less! Got to breakfast outdoors this morning and that is so pleasant after being in a hot house (home). Heat gets me down these days - it's just easier to get warm when it is cold than cool when it is hot. Sorry - I'm missing a bit - I live north of Adelaide, capital of South Australia so a neighbour to Kirsten over in Victoria and Chrissie and Sally in Western Australia. Thanks for getting back to me - every now and then I like an older puzzle or something bright to get away in. :)


I'm happy that you enjoyed it it Anne :)) You have come a long way back. :)) I hope you aren't melting, Kirsten said that you are expecting very hight temperatures again, although I don't know whether you live around Melbourne or not. Maybe at your place the weather is a bit more agreeable. I really hate the heat. :))


A fun puzzle, thanks Dagmar!


Hi Judy, some of these puzzles have already been posted as singles hence the title "A mixture of old and new" and other puzzles are too similar or variations of the posted ones so I usually don't like to post them again but they are good to make these mixtures. :))
I remember a conversation when you asked me about the tablet. Some days ago I posted a picture that was drawn with one. I'm still not very good at it and given the little time I have to practice it will take me ages to learn, but I think, given time, many things could be achieved. Here is the link to the puzzle:

I also want to tell you that I loved your Christmas tree, it was so original and your Patterns and shapes, I especially loved the colour. I'm very sorry that I just don't have the time to comment and solve more puzzles. But at least sometimes I find some moments to look at your creations and some of them are really outstanding. :))

Thanks for dropping by and your wonderful comment. :))


I love your new look of your avatar, Whatnauts, and I hope you'll enjoy the mixture. :))


I also love mixture puzzles. If I only had the time to do at least half of the ones that catch my eye LOL. Thanks for your visit Denise. :))


Dagmar, I am speechless. How can anyone create something with so much creativity and intricacy in each of nine squares. Each one is a worthy stand-alone puzzle. Thanks for all the hard work. How long did it take to make it? Wow! I've bookmarked it, too, as it is now past time to say goodnight. Thanks so much.


Yes, these are always fun Dohun. Thanks much.


bookmarked this for later. LOVE a mixture puzzle. Thanks and looking forward to when I have time to solve