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Hilda. "Spring"

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@generic_bear2. lol!

My feelings when it finally gets here!


@AuntieB. The fires are a worry. The top of the South Island is tinder dry with total fire bans in force...the big one that is still going was started by farm machinery with a contractor just plowing a paddock!

Thank you Paddy - can’t wait for SPRING !!
So sorry to hear about the awful fires in your country. I’m sure it is a worry, even if you aren’t involved..


@nittingnanny78. Today saw a huge improvement, the people of Wakefield were allowed home late afternoon, but have instructed to keep "go bags" at their doors. We are safe where we are, and I am not expectingt any problems/

Patrick, Always prepare for the worst. It is the best way to be safe. We sure don't want you and yours to come to any harm. I hope the fires are under control soon. Keep us informed please.

Your welcome and prayers with you always.


@darcy10. I am sure it won't reach us. Fire fighters, aircraft, helicopters and the army are all doing a great job, and we have a rather gentle breeze right now.

Amanzi, as always is provisioned and ready to go!

Thanks for your concern.

STAY SAFE! Get a kit ready in case you have to bug out. I hope that you don't but be ready. I know fire can more so fast and the wind doubles that. I have always feared fire more than anything, if I was there I would be on your boat and in the middle of the ocean by now.


@darcy10. Sadly not! We have a fire raging out of control about 140kms away....the largest in the country since 1955. We can smell and see the smoke from here. On Saturday we had helicopters operating from the field near our house fighting a fire in the Sounds, which is rather close.

We are all hoping for less wind to help all the fire fighters. Two towns have been evacuated, but although they believe they will have to fight the fire through to March, it seems they are slowly getting it under control.

According the Groundhog it is supposed to, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Has the heat let up for you down under?


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