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For the Loss of my Best Friend

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On Thursday, my best friend of 43 years lost her fight for life, I will miss her so very much, so today I lit 3 candles at Winchester Cathedral in her memory.


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Please do not be sad. You have to think about the beautiful moments that you have spent together.


I hope so Thank you Irena. ♥


I'm so sorry about Irene. The loss of a loved one always hurts. Maybe time heals everything! I hope your friend will be doing well. Condolences .


Thank you Clive, you are so sweet.




Oh Irene/Izzy I am so unhappy to be so late in answering to hearing that you have lost a dear friend. Please accept my condolences to lose a friend after 43 years is truly a great shame but you must remember the fun times only. We also lost one of our friends after 50 years together last year and his Mum a year before that and we were all friends due to the work we were all involved with, but take his wife out to dinner every month to help her through, she is slowly coming to terms and like you she looks after her three grand children her youngest grandson still wants to know where Granddad is hiding when she looks after him in her house, she keeps telling him where he has gone but he still does not believe her, so sad for her.
Sorry to bore you Irene but even I and my wife miss him so what does his wife feel.?
You have my email address so do feel free to express your emotions when you feel down I am only naughty when it is fun to be.
I am quite serious as a person really.
Clive XXXxxx


Always willing to help a friend (((Izzy)))!


Thank you Lunie, Didi, and Willy for your kind words.♥

Joe, you have helped me already. Remembering our emails last week. Thank you my friend. ♥♥♥


I'm here too if you need to talk, scream, cry, vent, etc. Been there too, I still miss my best friend Dave....


Sorry to hear you lost your best friend, Irene. Take care.


So sorry to hear that Irene...May she rest in peace.


Thank you MargitaK, Sihecht, BB, Wshealy, Dave, Iris, Jerry, and Ken for all your kind thoughtful words of comfort. It is so hard when you lose a dear friend you've known most of your life, most of the time we spent together was full of laughter and mischief. Now it's time for me to look out for her daughter (my God-daughter) and 2 grandsons age 4 & 6, though at the moment, all they want to do is shoot me and cheat at games, little devils. ♥♥♥
Yes Ken, I might need an ear later. Thank you. ♥


Irene I know so well the pain you have. I lost my best friend so time ago. The only comfort that I came offer is to remember all the fun, laughs and tears that were shared. It's now that quiet gentile friendship and conversations, you will have from now on, and the quiet voice that you will hear to guide, cry and laugh with you. But should you ever need an ear here, I will always respond.


So sorry to hear about your loss, Irene.


Hearts to you and your friend's family.


So sorry Irene! Love, Dave


Sorry for your loss, Irene.


(((Izzy))) I'm so sorry........


I'm so sorry, Irene. Old friends canot be replaced. Take care of yourself.

I am so sorry to learn of your loss. What a lovely memorial for her!


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