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Mandy - Katie - Pat ; thank you all very much for your kind compliments, I feel honored and happy.

Mandy - The oriental aspect was a fine suggestion, and now I see it too. The color contrasts was so fun to create.

Katie - we are many creative artists on Jigidi - I too can't wait to see what comes out next :-)))

Pat - you are so gifted with shapes, and I enjoy composing with shapes and colors too. Since I actually do paint these flowers I thought it was appropriate to sign them......



This is fabulous, PJ! I love everything about it--the different angles, the shape distortions, the wonderful colors--and that "PJ" that fits so well into the design! Love it! :-)))


This is wonderful PJ! You're very artistic and have a great imagination. I can't wait to see what you make next!


I'm with Wendy on this one, although I love the pinkey purple flowers, I actually prefer the bright orange against the black backround... and they look quite oriental to me too, thanks PJ!!


Wendy - oh my.... Your favorite is the original - orange flowers painted on black (combining dark force and warm orange softness). OK, I feel like a baby learning to walk, it is exciting though.


PJ, yes, I noticed that the other four are different versions of the other one. What I especially like about the two middle ones is their colors....and in fact, my favorite is the top one that's not 'sitting' on any frame at all. Or if it is on a black frame, I can't see it. LOL


Thank you so much Wendy. I'm really glad you especially appreciate the two middle ones - so do I. The four others are variants of the original.


I LOVE the flowers and colors you chose, PJ! I especially love the two sets in the middle (top and bottom).