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Pink Ornamental Ginger flower

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Next door in Toyomi's yard - mine hasn't flowered yet, but is in bud.


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Thanks Ami! I'm hoping yours turn out fine - looking forward to seeing them! My ginger is getting blown around like crazy at the moment - I hope it's tough!!!


Very pretty Robyn, I'm waiting for my "Christmas cactus" to bloom too. It's currently loaded with buds, some big and starting to show color and many more still small. It looks like it may start to blossom in the next week (at least the buds that are showing color that is) and if all turns out well I'll still have some blossoms by the time Thanksgiving comes at the end of the month, hopefully. Plants have their own schedule though so we'll see what they do when they do it!!!!


I can't remember Shirley:))))) Having a bit of a brain fade I think!!! The bud is just all pale green at the moment and I got it at a market stall, and can't remember what the lady told me - so it will be a surprise!! This one of Toyomi's has lots more to open too. Thanks Shirley.


This is a beauty, Rob, can't wait to see yours, is your the same colour?


Thanks Barb - I'm waiting impatiently for mine to open!!

It does too Mary!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Dave - it's not grown for the root like a normal ginger - just the floral and greenery display, but it is edible apparently.

Thanks Suzy - so am I!!! I check mine every day - it's getting close!!


So very pretty, robyn! Look forward to seeing your flower!


Nice one Robyn-clear and wonderful color. Is this ginger edible, too?


Looks like it has been hand painted with "Perfect Pearls".
Absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks rob.
mary l.


Very pretty, Robyn :) They are being used as landscape plants in USA too.... :)


That's right Beekay - no root. They are grown for the flowers & foliage and come in heaps of colours. It was just out this morning and looked really fresh & new - not really iridescent but close to it! Thanks!


Ornamental so no ginger-root out of this right? Sure is a pretty flower Robyn. It looks like it might be iridescent in the it?


Thanks Sharon!!

Love the color...beautiful flower. Thanks