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Thanks Mr. Plow!!!

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(It snowed all day yesterday, Morris. And a little more today. Had to shovel the old-fashioned way, as I didn't clear out the wet, heavy snow from the blower the last time, and it turned to ice. You can tell I'm new with a snow-blower. But I won't make that mistake again!)


Oh...well that's a fine kettle of fish!


It sure seems like it, Pat!


That the only thing I don't like about the snow plows ... Everytime you clear it they cover it...


WOW!! It is still snowing by you, Patti?
There is nothing that can be done about it, pumpkin!


I HATE it when that happens!!!


They've been by my driveway several times today already. But it won't stop snowing, so I'm going to wait till morning and do it only once! Thanks, Morris!


You must be special, Gladstone! That does not happen very often.
Thanks Cathy and gnt! You are very lucky lucy! i feel so bad for you, pg! She is still at it, tex! That was not very nice of him, Ank! Is there any other lake, dl2? Just kidding. Just your luck, huh?
That was after, chickie. That is the snow from the driveway!


Are you going to make an after puzzle morris?


Other side of the lake? Do you mean Lake Michigan? If so, that I am - 30 miles north of Detroit. The real stinker to this snow is the fact that I was supposed to pick up my new car this afternoon. Called my dealer and postponed it until Monday. Didn't want to chance driving a new, unfamiliar car in this weather.


3 years ago, they did it here. They blocked our entire street. They did the street that crossed our street, but they did not our street. They just blocked it. We worked all together with shovels to get it away. Thanks heaven it was Sunday, so at that moment nobody had to go to work, but it had to be free for the Monday. .........That was a very smart man.


Hang on, Morris, DeeLorris is coming over with a blow dryer in a little while. It should only take her the rest of her life to melt it all!

Better you than me, morris. Please keep it all in Illinois.


I have the same problem. The snow piles up and then we have to wait until 10AM when it warms up and Mr. sun comes and takes it away. What are those things sticking up from the white stuff Morris?


MADHAT, it seems it is taking forever for that spring to ccome. we are all so tired of winter.
MORRIS , i have a good town plower he throws the snow to the other side of the road for us.


I agree with U lyndee LOL


I love snowy pictures! Thanks Morris. It's raining hard here. :(


Don't you just hate when they do that. It happened to me, but I called the city and they came back and cleared it up.


Thanks for the positive note, madhat!!


Gosh that reminds of my good ol' Lake Tahoe days when the driveway would get "bermed up". ARGH. And that was always some icy snow off the road. Hang in there Morris. Spring is coming.


Best not to, doglover! you are on the other side of the lake, aren't you?


Poor Morris! I know the feeling all too well. Fortunately, I have a very good plow service for my drive. The road is plowed out first, then my guy comes along and clears my drive. It's snowing like crazy right now and I will not go out today.


I bet he does tu, lyndee!


LOL Morris..........I wonder if, when the road plow driver goes by his drive......does he lift up the plow?????? Bet he does!!!!