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Trimpey Lane

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It's lovely!


Enjoyed it, thanks. 1:09


Nice bridge chookies.


Dondi...I always thought that bridges were covered to protect the wood from the elements. I guess they didn't have treated wood back then and the planks were subject to rotting. But that is just a guess.


Lovely bridge chookie - hope you're a bit cooler today!! The fire news is really bad - feel so sorry for so many people. I just can't understand arsonists.


I'm really late to the conversation, but this picture rather insists that I ask the question: Why were covered bridges covered?

We assume it was to protect them against snow, but the open sides of this bridge haven't done that. And why would you protect bridges when the road is open to the sky for miles?

I've read that bridges were covered to *prevent* melting of the snow in the sun - they actually shoveled snow onto the bridges so they could travel by sleigh. The roads were protected by woods on both sides, but snow on the bridges would quickly melt, and if you traveled by sleigh, you were stuck.

And that answers the question of whether they still build them! :-)


Thanks everyone for stopping by with your comments. The fires that you're talking about, PG, made world news and I can still remember those times. One fire that is still blazing out of control was started by some galah flicking a lit cigarette out of their car window. Over 100+ homes have been destroyed and lives lost in that fire yesterday. I hope they catch the culprit!!!


Great bridge, Chookies!


Wonderful puzzle! Thanks, Chookies!


I remember the huge fires that burned half of the country a few tears ago. Our West gets them too and the poor people and animals suffer greatly. I hope they stay safe and the weather cools.


Do they still build covered bridges? They are so unique, just love them.


I have admired these covered bridges, and this one is beautiful too, with all the snow. Thanks chookies.

where is trimpey lane chookies.


I am sorry to hear that, chookies. I hope things get under control very quickly. Beautiful shot of the covered bridge. Thank you.


I will send you some pics of our fire fighters at work yesterday, PG - that will certainly warm you up, mate! We have many fires still roaring out of control still - although some have been contained overnight.


You may be warm down there young one but I am freezing my delegates off yes all of us. Nice picture but it is cold.....