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New Kitty no.4

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New Kitty likes to curl up next to someone when she sleeps. She didn't stop purring and hardly slept for the first 48hrs when she came to us!


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What a great idea - hadn't thought of that lol :-D


She would be great as duster - before the hoover comes out!!


Yes, she pins it down with her paws when she wants to wash it, Brie lol!


What a tail!!!


Hi Yellowgal - Well, it's so hard to choose! We went through drinks too, like Tequila. I like Tallulah but we may stick with Tasha (because of her half moustache!) Gotta be better than Adolphus which is what my daughter though of lol!

She is just beautiful . . . does she have a name yet? I was enjoying reading all the suggestions you've collected, maybe put them all in a bag, shake it up & pick one (just kidding)! Sweet Pea, Annie, India, Lola, Norma Jean, Tequila ? Have fun, I always loved it when we got to bring home a new cat.


Hi Ardy - Been offline for a couple of days due to being in bed with the dreaded M.E. so am very behind on my puzzles, but am back online now. Thanks for your comments about my new kitty. Your cats sound wonderful! Yes, my new kitty, like one of yours, doesn't like to be on me but curls and snuggles in as close as possible! She rolls over and likes her tummy rubbed and brushed. She went to the vet for her booster vaccination this evening and was very quiet and sleepy when she got back - I was quite worried about her, but she is ok now, thank goodness!

Were you able to keep power in your house? Glad you have back up of your fire for warmth. Please take some pictures of your snow for jigidi! Have you heard of Lesley Anne Ivory? She is a wonderful illustrator of cats and has many books of her illustrations. She has 11 cats, all of them so different in looks and temperament, and she has illustrated them against the most beautiful rich backgrounds - her mother was a fabric designer and she drew on inspiration from that. Maybe you could look her up on the i-net. Keep warm my friend.


She's a beautiful kitty, Nicky. I thought I'd comment on just this one. My Siamese lied belly rubs with your foot. She would flop down right in front of you, roll over and wait for you to rub her tummy with your feet. The next cat wasn't interested in belly rubs and didn't want to be on you but would curl up as close beside you as possible. Fluffy, the current cat, will sometimes sleep on my lap and as for tummy rubs, no thank you. They are so sweet and so different. So glad you got this one and that she is affectionate. Glad she's settling in.

Big snowstorm today. Probably will lose power although I hope not. If so, the fireplace will come into use.


Yes, doglovertoo, she seems to be settling well!


Oh, she just had too much to explore. She must really be content with all the purring.