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49 pieces
78 solves
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It wasn't me, Kirsten. See my email.
Of course I remember Tom Peterson, and his nagging wife. I hated those commercials, and his nasty little clocks with his face on them. What a memory you have! I'm so glad you live in my area.


I'm was pretty slow on this one Gail. Now as to your title...not only do I not want to wake up (I need to go to bed), it reminds me of the old Tom Peterson commercials that were on late at night...He would knock on the camera and say, "Wake up! Wake up!" Do you remember those!


WOW!! I LOVE this one. So bright and beautiful. And I really like the mosaic effect on some of the kaleidos. Thanks Gail!

And I saw you did something really nice for a friend today. Funny, I was thinking about doing the exact same thing!! Great minds........ Or maybe that should be generous hearts.........


Don't say I didn't warn you. Look at you - what a gorgeous photo of you. I think you should make this your permanent avatar.


The detailing and the "egg carton" shapes are wonderful, Gail. And of course the colors just pop! My eyes will recover soon, I hope. Great puzzle!!!