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Fall Medley! (med)

81 pieces
129 solves
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Pat - Boards are immaterial! Fun is all that matters - like your sayings!


Love it Jan even tho I didn't make the board. Thanks


When you have autumn (which you don't, of course!), there are 4 basic colors - reddish orange, green varieties, godly yellow and muddy brown. So after awhile you just HAVE to use the brown! But thanks for the sweet words! :D

I like that one, too. You will see a couple of her sisters in later puzzles.


What an interesting one, Jan. And only you could make a brown collage and still get a great solve rate. The master artist! I love the variation in texture and colours. The corn ones look a bit native american to me (although what do I know about these things, so I could be way off there). But the middle right stole my heart. Thanks for a lovely moment. :)))


Thanks, Mariasha - It's fun to have so many fun fall images to choose from. I loved the Indian corn! Glad you like these!!

Oh boy, I love these images! I especially like the chestnuts in the middle, but the two Indian corn ones are close behind. And then there is my fave color combo in the upper middle (green and purple) get the idea...these are terrific...thank you!


Ardy - I, too, have control issues! LOL

Barb - I'm glad you liked them. Did you notice the ornamental corn and the pumpkins and the flowers and leaves? There are 4 source images for this one. More tomorrow, just for you!


So glad you found another autumn puzzle to post .... keep them coming, Jan! :-))


If I have a favorite from these beauties it's the middle one. But they are all delightful. Thanks, Jan. My new mouse is doing well but is very slippery. We are working on control issues!! LOL Have a great day.