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The Down Under Dynamic Duo Launch Their First Salvo.....

24 pieces
132 solves
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And the crowd goes wild....
With reinforcements from Canada....
Our steadfast Jigidi supporters and
The wise defectors...
PG you ARE toast..... :) :)


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Of course....water bombs. Doo doos would be effective as well! :)


This is terrific SMor!! Duck PG, move to the right, move to the left, hide behind those leaves mate!!! ( I am trying PG!)


The blade on the pendulum swings ever closer. . . .


It's water bombs! Not doodoos!!!

The Dynamic Duo is back! Never fear, we have more ammo!

Second salvo is about to be unleashed :-)


Have you even glimpsed the down under duo? Running for their Christmas lives if Santa and the boys are after them. Hide if you must but Santa will find you and punish you both.


What have I missed the past 20 hours?
I almost feel sorry for the old bird.....he is outnumbered, and certainly outsmarted. The "droppings" will put him in really vile humor. Already his support group has backed away from this. They know that he was crossing the line with his santa puzzle.
This is a FINE, REALLY FINE puzzle, Sally!


Forgive them Mimi they know not what they do.
Poison fruit from the state of red things. Like your football team you do not have a chance.
bookis they are lucky they are moving after all the bad things they did to Santa.


Very convenient of you to put so many types of attack at hand! Good goin' Ditto! Watch out PG!


I am so proud! You and Foxy are brave warriors to take on the mighty (?) Pg. Cheers!


This is super, Sally. Am loving every moment of this and looking forward to the next move. :) (0:51)


Goodness it is a dramatical scene. Nice to see that the Hawk is dropping heavy doses of Christmas spirit, let's hope for a direct hit.


Already retractions from the Fox and Hawk society. Now if they could just come to the reality of their evil ways with Santa all will be forgiven. As for the turn coats in the group a much harsher penalty may be imposed such as restrictions on the playing of accordion for some length of time, since WMD's were offered to be used in this situation. Illegal arms dealers cannot be tolerated.


Good point, Plummy. I am, after all, a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld which, as we all know, is as flat as a pancake. My apologies to the Flat Earthers :-)


Foxy, let's not insult the Flat Earth Society. . . .


Fret ye not, Old Man - "Bring it on" is our motto.
As we speak Hawkeye is reloading ready for our next salvo.
Being upside down is not a disadvantage... our trajectory is aided by the Earth being round...
not flat as you learned in kindergarten :-)


Bring it on down underwear ladies with the traitors and the people from the cold north I fear not because I have justice on my side. Just make sure that you do not hit pumpkin in the eye with some of those things remember she is a wounded worrier or warier whatever works. Trying to intimidate me with gaul stones and wacky buckeyes is not a way to do it. I have tried Suzy's no kneed bread and I don't kneed bread so toast is not in the pantry. I scoff at you frontal or rearal attack whichever the direction besides you are up side down anyway.


Who's keeping score?